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octobre 29e, 2005

04:04 pm - Names (used and not), for my purposes mainly...
Though you're of course allowed to read them. I have a pronunciation key for this purpose (as most of them are in Japanese).
Liberal amounts of kanji, bewareRéduire )
English names (actually most are RP names)Réduire )
I really, really need to come up with more male names. It's mildly sad.
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septembre 12e, 2004

08:24 pm - So then. An announcement.

Image banner credit to cdg

As a note, I don't generally friend you unless I've at least read a fair amount of your journal (or know you in real life), because there are private things in here. I don't do fandom updates much anymore either, but I'll talk about it if you want to listen.

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